Cloud Computing

Remote Access

No more lost productivity when you are away from the office. Cloud computing allows you to log on to a secure server and access your important files and software from any location and any device.

Bring your office with you

You can access your work desktop information remotely. There is no need to have a dedicated computer to access your work files. There will be no more lost productivity due to staff not being able to physically be in the office. We will build a virtual server that resides in our SAS 70 Level II data center that will allow you secure access from any desktop, laptop, or tablet using any internet connection.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop allows you the flexibility to access a work system from home. If you need to make a last minute change to QuickBooks you can do it immediately without returning to the office. If the weather becomes an issue your office staff can work from home without losing a day’s productivity.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Unlimited access to work files when you are on the go
  • Your data is stored in a secure environment
  • Automated incremental backups
  • Access to the latest versions of software at no extra cost
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